Due to insurance issues Ltd no longer offers on site training. We are happy to continue to  supply a comprehensive on-site  demonstration of our equipment in use.

We hope to overcome the insurance issues in the near future.

The information below is not valid at this moment in time! is uniquely positioned to offer a full and in depth training course at your establishment which last approximately 2 to 3 hours. 

As the inventors and suppliers of this equipment we are perfectly positioned to provide wide spectrum training on this highly specialised equipment.

Our specially tailored  'On Site' training course covers 5 candidates and alleviates all travel and overnight hotel costs.

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Main topics include: History. Dangers. Design Criteria. Reason for use, Use under special circumstances. Methods of use. Servicing. Spare parts.

History: Door jacks from the MK1 to MK11. Oldfield fast door jack. Outward opening door jack. Gate Ram. 

Dangers: Weight, Crush. Hydraulic pressure. Electric shock. High current dangers (burn) jewellery, watches etc. Explosive gas. Inappropriate use & Inappropriate modifications. 

Lifting: How to lift and safe handling. 

Design Criteria: Wooden door frames & Metal door frame upgrade program. 

Reason for use: Open a barricaded door slowly with total control. Hostage situation: consider high speed jack. 

Special circumstances: Prisons with differing doors etc. 

Method of use: Preparation. Servicing, testing and spare parts.

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