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Our M.O.E. Equipment range:

AllHyd is continually striving to improve it's M.O.E. equipment. 

Our latest inovation is a lighter, quieter and simpler to use alternative to the existing chains. The new system comprises a simple, light weight system of straps with easy 'D' ring type tensioners. For further information please email

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The New 2012 Strap Retaining System.

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Standard Anti-barricade jacks, current version is the MK11 which is suitable for use with both wooden and metal door frames.


One and two person Door Busters in a variety of weights. Standard one person door buster weighs 16 kilograms and is finished in red paint. Two person door busters  weigh 55 kilograms and are fitted with hand grips designed to prevent hands slipping when in use. Lighter 13 kilogram version are also available.

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Hoolibars in various lengths, standard claw 36 inch hoolibars normally held in stock. We also supply Gate Rams which lock onto bars to allow items such as snooker tables and other heavy barricades to be forcibly moved away from gates.

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The AllHyd Oldfield High Speed Anti-barricade jacks capable of opening a barricaded door within 1/2 a second. AllHyd high speed door jacks are suitable for wooden or metal door frames.

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