The name AllHyd is an abbreviation of All Hydraulic. Originally we covered all aspects of industrial hydraulics but when we changed our name from PowerPlus Systems we made a conscious decision to specialise in just 3 fields.  M.O.E. (Anti-barricade Door Jacks etc.), Irradiation equipment and Dosimetry Software and Equipment.

AllHyd.com is an ISO 9001-2008 accredited company.


The roots of our company can be traced back to 1984 when Paul Stephens the MD of PowerPlus Systems Ltd created the Anti-Barricade Jacks and other M.O.E. equipment which is so familiar today.

AllHyd.com now specialises solely in Method of Entry Equipment. AllHyd have become very well known as the Door Jack people and in keeping with this notoriety we have purchased the somewhat easier to remember website doorjacks.co.uk.


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Our main speciality will remain the anti-barricade jacks which are in use in virtually every establishment in England, Wales, I.O.M., Jersey, Guernsey and parts of Scotland. 

Most people are aware we manufacture standard door jacks but we also manufacture fast hostage jacks capable of opening a barricaded door in approximately half a second. 

We also supply manual door busters, two man busters, Hooligan Bars, Gate Rams, Outward Opening Door Jacks and other M.O.E. equipment.

The anti-barricade jacks currently in use today were first built in 1991, there are well over 100 in the field which are over 20 years old. We cannot over emphasise enough the need for safety when using AllHyd anti-barricade jacks. It is imperative that all jacks are serviced at the recommended interval of one year.

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